The complex work of our foundation involves many areas of life. Thanks to our practical experience and network of contacts, various media seek us for information on our activities.

The areas of our experience comprise:

– Education: fine arts education, talent management, development of social competence, integrated education, use of alternative methods, education for disadvantaged children, Roma or students with special needs, maintaining of school buildings, providing education opportunities for adults living in extreme poverty, and more.

– Tanoda programme: individual development, support for online learning, pedagogic parlour games, development of conflict culture, volunteer work, projects

– Social sector: housing, crisis situations, unemployment, lack of education, vulnerable children and child protection , abuse, domestic violence, prevention programmes, donation, development of self-sustainability, exploitation and other crimes in segregated areas, survival strategies, socialization, child poverty, hunger, emphasis on the family, public care, development opportunities for children living in extreme poverty.

– Community development: conflict management, community construction, womens’ community, empowerment, mediation, projects, methods of social capacity building, key persons, measurements of attitudes in communities, development of participatory democracy.

– Employment programmes: social enterprise, Roma employment, employment of women, education, development of business competence, craftsmanship, agriculture, food processing.

– NGOs: sustainability, fundraising, communication, organizational development, networking.

– Roma: Roma identity in the field, traditions, cultural heritage, integration, assimilation, Roma intellectuals, Roma representation.

– Institutional cooperation: protocol alignment, sectoral coordination, integration of NGOs, overcoming challenges in establishing partnership networks, mediation.

– Other topics related to: education, poverty, integration, social inclusion in segregated areas, challenges in a changing world.