The After School Activities Program was has been running in Told, a village of 300 inhabitants since 2012. There are 35-40 regular students, with up 55-60 people coming to the recreational events, all of whom are underprivileged, disadvantaged Roma children, young people and adults. A qualified teacher runs the After School Activities with the help of three other teachers and 10-15 volunteers.

After School Activities run from Monday to Thursday from 10.00 – 19.00; Friday from 10.00 – 17.30.

10.00 and 14.00:   Preparation to attend primary school for children and adults who have not attended school.

14.00 – 17.30 primary school children.

17:30 and 19.00 community events.

The program is a completely individualized educational system:  each student has a mentor and an individual development plan. The most important development areas include motivation to read, reading comprehension, mathematics, and foreign languages (English and German). Natural sciences and history are also dealt with, but as projects. If necessary, we provide help with homework and essay preparation, though these are not central to our activities.

There are a variety of evening and recreational events: film club, arts and crafts, and social events. Two others are worth a special mention. In 2013 we introduced the Board-Game Education program which has brought us national recognition through numerous articles, lectures, workshops and training. And in 2015 we started a Debating Club. It has two different age groups, and the aim is to develop a proper culture of debate.

The After School Activities program used to be a voluntary initiative to occupy children after school, but it has now become an integral part of our work. In addition, 5 to 6 week day camps are organized in the school holidays to provide recreational activities and informal learning.

The professional work of the After School Activities program can be found at transparent our professional blog site.