The successful operation of the Real Pearl Foundation relies on a variety of knowledge and skills as well as long hours, which is why we need volunteers to work with us. The “Relief map” shows several areas where you can help, and the number of options is growing continuously.

Practical Information

  • Accommodation: The Foundation can provide accommodation for volunteers in Berettyóújfalu and Told. The small room provided has a bathroom and kitchen, as well as Internet access. There is place for 1-2 people in Berettyóújfalu, and we can provide accommodation for further 5-10 volunteers in Told. We often welcome foreign volunteers, as well. Accommodation is naturally free of charge for volunteers. In addition, there are also hostels in Berettyóújfalu.
  • Volunteers need to register for volunteering.
  • A previous interview and training are required for activity with children (in the Learning Centre);
  • Volunteers are welcome to assist the teachers during art activities.
  • Volunteers can join the agricultural activities which will depend on the season (working in the garden, picking rose-hips, sloes, etc). Food processing can only be carried out by the staff, due to the national food processing regulations (HACCP).
  • Craft activities can be joined at any time.
  • Volunteers who wish to provide community programs (whether for adults or children) will need first to liaise with the Foundation, and the program should be part of its other activities.
  • Volunteers’ costs of travel, food etc. should be funded by themselves.
  • The Foundation’s diverse activities can also be an opportunity for high school students to fulfil their mandatory volunteer service.

The volunteers’ names, after extensive collaboration, are present on our website.

We also need “indirect” volunteering: the opportunities are listed on the “Relief map”. The knowledge of companies or individuals, their networks, contacts, organizational activities, ideas, can all be very useful tools for the successful work to combat child poverty and create equal opportunities.